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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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mobile check deposit. easier banking. okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. let's get right to cbs repor randall pinkston.. w rk city tonight. an unbelievable path of
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destruction and tonight superstorm sandy is on the move. we'll get toran dam pinkston in new york. >> reporter: officials are pleading for patience from the public as the long and difficult task of cleaning up and repairing the damage from sandy begins. top priority is restoring electricity and getting mass transit back on track. hurricane sandy hit new jersey's long beach island hard. homes were flooded or destroyed. roads left covered with sand. boats littered the streets. >> we'll assess the damages an rebuild. that's the way it works in new jersey. >> reporter: new york city was crippled by the storm. subway and traffic tunnels were filled by salt water. no word when the famous subway service will resume. an entire community burnt to the ground in queens. for a second night manhattan is a tale of
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flights have been canceled nationwide.. hundreds here n the bay area. the storm put taxis in a way grave. this is a shot from hoboken, new jersey. and to give you an idea of t how powerful sandy was: home video caught this amazing s: a giant tree uprooted on log island, during the height oe storm. c-b-s 5 meteorologist paul deanno shows us what sandy's doing now. { paul wx hit... video from elkins, west virginia} { pl wx hit... video from elkins, west virginia} the presidential race has basically
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been on hold because of the storm, but things are expecd to be back to normal tomorr. today in ohio, mitt romney d supporters to donate food ad other items to victims. tomw he heads to florida for thre rallies. vice president biden is also campaigning t. the president has been in washington overseeing the federal response to the sto. tomorrow he will tour the de in new jersey. the latest cbs news - new yk times poll, taken before the storm, shows the president h a razor-thin lead: just one
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point. the next week is cru: 10 percent of likely voters, they are still uncommitted. new tonight: san quentin state prison is on medical lockdown, because of a chickenpox outbreak. at least 2 inmates have gotten sick. a spokesman says the prison has been locked down since last friday. only employees are allowed to enr and leave. (new1) just 15 minutes ago, we lead that the guy who used the gs celebration to smash up a mi bus is under arrest. and yon thank people disgusted by hs actions and plastered his mg all over facebook. c-b-s 5 reporter liz cook on the val who went viral. liz: the giants won the world series.. and a guy in a gias cap did this: 48:20 jason villaverde its just kind ofd kind of ruined the moment fr us. jason villaverde could't believe that a guy who supposedly is a giants fan d take what looks like a barre
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putting the finishing touchn tomorrow's parade. and
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countless likes and comments later. >> there's a mob mentality of saying let's go get this guy. >> reporter: jason and his family hope this kind of violence. tomo greggly tyler is facing two felony charges and earlier today the da said he is showing no mercy when it comes to prosecuting the vandals from sunday night's celebration for the giants world series. the city attorney backed him up saying he will sue anyone who damages city property. they spent the day setting p the stage and guardrails at civic center plaza. about a million people are expectedo swarm the city. so everyone is encouraged to avoid drivg to san francisco. all forms of public transportation are adding extra services.
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the parade begins at 11 o'c, at market and steuart stree. from there, players, coache, and other team officials wil head down market, to civic center plaza. you can watch the parade of champions here on cbs 5, beginning tomorrow at 11. we'll also stream it live os s-f dot com. >> you can watch the parade it have champions right here on cbs 5. we'll be live beginning tomorrow at 11. we'll stream is live. >> stunner from george lucas today. he is selling lucasfilms to disney. so basically the dark side has sold out to the happiest place on earth. princess leia elbow to elbow with mickey mouse. how about snow white anteseven ewoks. i can go on. linda yee on the film created empire that is going totally hollywood. >> reporter: it's a force even
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the toughest storm trooper. disney is guiding the star ship on a $4 billion deal that includes lucasfilms and his award winning effects franchises. in a company video statement george lucas said he's putting away his light saber and trusting the house of mickey mouse to take over. >> i realize at some point i needed to retire. i wanted to go on and do other things. final block in that was to find a good solid home for the company. >> reporter: lucas employs up to 1400 people here at the lucasfilm campus. employees did meet with lucas as well as top management all afternoon to discuss their future. by night fall three bus loads of workers returned from the offsite meeting. many looking grim. >> i probably shouldn't tell you. >> reporter: was it a good
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meeting? scott bennett is one of a legion of fans who lives and breathes star wars. the sale shocked him at first. >> star wars isn't for angry 40- year-olds on the internet. it's for kids. it might be just what it needs. >> reporter: disney says it will continue the epic star wars saga. >> fans can expect a new feature film star wars episode 7 in theaters in 2015. >> reporter: but lucas won't write or direct the next movies. he'll consult. it's nervous laughter, they're hoping this won't be the death star of the jedi. >> if you think you're paying a lot for health insurance, guess what you are right. why lots of customers are about to get some money back. >> made more money than the gangsters. >> the early years of vegas
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were about more than just glitz anagram. you'll hear what it was really like from a legend who helped sin city on the map. >> leaky windows and this. we track down the multimillionaire who owns an empire. >> i don't know where you get your information. >> the latest news against the landlord. coming up next.
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dollars a month for an apartment.. with no heat, ly windows. and now: something worse. in a story imagine paying thousands of dollars every month for an apartment with no heat, with leaky windows and now something even worse. the story you'll see only on
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cbs 5, allen martin tracks down the bay area millionaire who owns a rental empire. >> reporter: grateful to get a small apartment in this building for $2300 a month. right away started noticing the problems. like no heat. >> we were not getting hot water. >> reporter: the worst, mice. the landlord sent over his handy man. they keep coming. other tenants have had problems too. he and his two daughters endured leaky windows, mold and no heat for three years. >> we went to bed with a lot of clothes on. >> reporter: he says the landlord wasn't return his $1800 security deposit. >> he said i left the place messed up. everything was left immaculate. >> reporter: that landlord, richard thomas. he owns more than 150 rental
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units around the bay area. he's infamous for just that. withholding security deposits. tenants filed a class action lawsuit and won $1 million judgment in 2008. tenants continue to complain. they were drinking and bathing in contaminated water from a well. thomas was treating it with bottles of clorox. thomas wouldn't answer our questions but our report prompted the county to take action. he was forced to install a chlorination system. in san francisco the problems at the building have richard thomas in trouble again. we caught up with him at a department of building inspection hearing. >> violations are also outstanding. there's no heat on the property. >> reporter: city documents show 72 code violations and 13
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orders of abatement. for everything from lack of permits to water leaks. lead paint hazards and roadens. when we tried to ask thomas about that -- >> i don't know where you get your information. >> reporter: we saw the evidence. we've seen the property. >> are you going to give -- >> reporter: the tenants want to know when you're going to fix this stuff. >> i'm sorry because there is a controversy as to the truth of the allegations. >> reporter: you're saying none of this is true? >> you've got a big stack of paper and i don't know who you are. >> reporter: turns out damn thomas has been a regular fixture in this hallway for years. building department spokesperson says his agency is doing the best it can. >> sometimes takes a lengthy
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due process. tenants have to put up with it. >> often the ability, circumstances for the tenant can be challenging. >> reporter: a challenge they're taking on personally in small claims court. >> i'm on the continuation of the fifth time in small claims court. >> reporter: like many others who have done the same he's getting nowhere. >> how is he able to do this? it's not right. it's not fair. >> reporter: a day after we talked to thomas the landlord finally sent clark pest control to check out the rodent problem. >> well, the judge in this class action lawsuit has fined mr. thomas $50,000 for violating a court order.
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he is supposed to provide proof he's returning security deposits properly and he's not doing that. if he is held in contempt of court he could be sent to jail. >> a close call for a surfer. he was bitten by a shark. the shark took a giant bite out of his surfboard. the surfer has giant gashes. >> we hopped on him right away. me and one other guy who happened to be an emt used our body weight to hold everything in. >> surfer is still in the hospital. doctors say he will be okay. >> cbs show vegas is one of the most popular new shows of the season. it's on right before us. it is set in the las vegas of the 1960s. so what was vegas really like back in the early days?
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cbs 5 reporter mike sugarman found out from one legend who lived it. >> reporter: the cbs show "vegas" depictsen era in a much rougher time. there aren't many people still around from those days. it was 50 years ago. 86-year-old tony bennett is. and he remembers those days like when he signed the big contract to play ceasar's palace like it was yesterday. >> was there at the beginning. >> reporter: back then vegas was a black tie town. >> in those days it was quite different. they wouldn't allow -- just a very top quality. everybody was in tuxedos. you couldn't get into a theater
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without a tie. >> great grandfather came down. part of the first mormon settlement. >> the mormons made more money than the gangsters. because they had -- they owned the land. >> reporter: the mormon owned bank of las vegas did give loans to casino owners, often part of organized crime, before other banks would. the money was spent lavishly. >> when the corporations came in it became, it's not quite the same now. >> reporter: trade las vegas as that still rough and tumble city. the legend still remembers fondly. >> i'll take you to space. 2000miles from top to bottom. that's a look at sandy from space. on the other side of the country we've had nothing but
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high pressure. that changes tomorrow. your trick or treat forecast calls for a chance of showers, especially after 6:00 tomorrow night. showers moving in from the north. temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. where's the rain? we have to zoom out several hours to our north. that is the leading edge of the rainfall that will be with us this time tomorrow. a lot of rain, more than an inch of rain. top 10 wettest october ever for western washington. that is sitting off the coastline heading in our direction. it's not going to be here in time for the parade tomorrow. we stay dry or the parade. 11:00tomorrow morning, cloudy, chilly. tomorrow evening that low pressure area does slice down the coastline. it'll be a steady rainfall overnight. your thursday morning commute will be soggy. tomorrow morning we have plenty of cloud cover. the rain stays well to our north for the parade. if you're going out trick or
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treating there it is, all of the rainfall at the top of the bay area. union city, walnut creek, all soggy. half-moon bay low 60s. upper 60s for concord. for your halloween, final day of october in mill valley, 66 degrees. san francisco, 64. soggy to start on thursday. high pressure builds back in. beautiful first weekend in november up near 80 in our inland communities with lots of sunshine. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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company, how about some mony back? cbs 5 instead of forking over your money to your insurance company, how about some money back? cbs 5 reporter juliette goodrich explains why lots of customers are getting a rebate. >> reporter: after receiving criticism for hefty rate hikes and huge profits health insurer blue shield of california is giving back to the tune of $50 million to customers. >> affordability before profit. we think it's important to try to make it more affordable and
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returning $50 million to our customers by the end of the year is proof we're continuing to fulfill our 2% pledge promise. >> reporter: here's how it works. blue shield says all of its customers will receive the credit by december in the mail. per individual $25 credit. for a family of four $75. depending on premiums. for those employers the company said the average credit for employee will be $40. that can add up. >> it helps offset their cost and allows them to offer additional benefits. >> reporter: the company is already returned more than $470 million to customers for 2010 and 2011. >> i have a football that everybody is talking at. who was the last a's outfielder to win a gold glove? the answer is next. ,,,,,,,,
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this is hayden. ,,,,,, that's elizabeth.
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and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. nba's regular season started tonight in the same city it ended in warriors begin their new season tomorrow in phoenix. the nba's regular campaign started tonight in miami. heat raising their championship
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banner. lebron gets his first title ring. miami hosted boston. second quarter. lebron for thally oop. their new possession. new heat guard ray allen. he had 19 off the bench. heat the winners. how about the new look lakers with steve nash, kobe bryant and dwight howard. later in the first quarter, pau gasol to howard. the mavs foiled l.a.'s garden party. mavs win 99-91. braden has decided to become a free agent rather than go to the minor leagues. a's outfielder reddick won a gold glove today. since oakland outfielder since
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duane murphy in 1985. i have in my hand the tuesday night top five. ray allen saying hello to his former team the celtics. kevin garnett. garnett wasn't interested in saying hello at all. number four in soccer a header you're supposed to hit the ball accident not your teammate. defender goes 40 yards. it was just practice. alex smith questioned reporters who questioned his confidence. harbaugh called the reporters turkeys. >> there are a couple of reporters coming up with that. just gobble gobble gobble some jive turkey. >> a lot of us would like to be called jive turkeys in the harbaugh circle. >> you'd liked to be called that? >> i'm sure he's referred to me like that once or twice.
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>> you predicted the 49ers would win the super bowl and miami heat would win the nba championship. >> too bad there's no hockey to predict. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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